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The Soccer Match

We had organised a match between my course Business with Sports Management and Sports Coaching some weeks ago, to allow the two courses to get to know each other better. In my opinion this was a great idea that turned out to be a great day. Each team had gotten their own kits from the sports department at LIT and had sponsorship from the local Centra who provided the water on the day. An official referee was booked so that the game didn’t get too physical. The match was a great success as i believe it brought both the two courses together and the people on each course closer together. Overall it was a great idea that succeeded in its objectives and it was a great day out.


The Importance of Routine

In college a set routine isn’t a bad thing it can be the thing that keeps a student on course to achieve their goals and meet their expectations. A timetable can be an instrument used to set a routine giving allocated times to exercise, study, work and social outings. The problems with trying to create set routines in college are the constant changing of classes, the lack of time in the day, and the various assignments due at different dates. In my opinion a routine is a great thing to have to help keep students on track but routines can be broken which can create a back log of work causing stress.

The Social Aspect to College

College is as much about getting a degree as it is about meeting new life-long friends. Students in college are usually open to meeting new people and can meet a lot of new people through nights out and various events that may be held within the college. The friends that you make in college are often pillars of support throughout the duration of your college life, they are there to keep you on track and to talk to whenever it is needed. I have made many new friends in college that I now consider close friends that I can depend on to tell me the truth about my performance in college and I can also seek advice from them if needed. Friends are what get you through college.



Exams can be detrimental to a student because of the burden of study and preparation. Many students don’t know how to study or prepare for exams efficiently and if there is more than one exam due to take place, a student may dedicate more time to one module than they would the other. This can result in a student falling behind in important aspects of the course. Most courses have some element of continuous assessment which can sometimes help students to do better in their exams because the final grade doesn’t rely solely on that one exam. I believe that continuous assessment should be incorporated heavily into college and that exams should carry a lower percentage of the final grade.

Student Life and Stress

Everyone experiences and deals with stress in different ways, and college students are no exception to this, if anything students may experience more stress than most people. As students we don’t only stress about our academic success but we stress about our social lives, the way we look, following trends and of course the stress caused by us thinking about our futures. Stress can obviously have bad effects on peoples lives everyday but when students are stressed they tend to not concentrate on their studies, skip class and party a lot to take their minds off of college life. This can obviously affect students grades and their ability to perform well in exams. In my opinion stress can break any person but especially college students.

Sport and it’s Benefits

For my second post to this blog i am going to speak about the importance of sport and its many benefits. Physical activity is great for both body and mind, and furthermore team sports teach leadership, dedication and discipline. These traits are essential moving forward in life, and can be the difference between two people pushing for a promotion in a working environment. Often athletes involved in sport can do better academically because of sport, the determination and setting of goals can also be applied in the classroom. Participating in sport obviously has various health benefits such as preventing obesity, sudden death syndrome and osteoporosis. The saying “healthy body healthy mind” seems to have some credibility, in my experience when i was playing sport and studying I felt that I had greater concentration and I also felt less fatigued. In my opinion sport is needed for academic success and it has aided me in my studies.

Blog Week No. 1

This is my opening entry to my very first blog. I don’t quite understand how a blog should be written or formatted, or even what a blogs content should contain so over the next ten weeks i will be exploring various different topics such as sport, health, student life and many other subjects. Today I am going to give you a quick look into my life and what it is I do with my time, I am eighteen years old currently studying at LIT to gain a B.A in Business with Sports Management, I am currently working part time in a Bar and Restaurant in the kitchen and I play one sport at the moment, which is soccer for my local team but as of late I haven’t been able to attend training or the matches that follow because of the time that both college and work take up. I’m sure that I am not the only student in fact I am probably one of thousands that had to sacrifice a passion or hobby because of college. I am currently only starting to get back into soccer because of the time I have had off of both college and work and I can already feel the benefits of being back at training not physically but mentally, because soccer is something that I love to play and watch it relieves stress and can take your mind off anything. This is going to be the end of my first entry and I will have another posted very soon.


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