Cameron Fu-Lynch


March 2016

The Soccer Match

We had organised a match between my course Business with Sports Management and Sports Coaching some weeks ago, to allow the two courses to get to know each other better. In my opinion this was a great idea that turned out to be a great day. Each team had gotten their own kits from the sports department at LIT and had sponsorship from the local Centra who provided the water on the day. An official referee was booked so that the game didn’t get too physical. The match was a great success as i believe it brought both the two courses together and the people on each course closer together. Overall it was a great idea that succeeded in its objectives and it was a great day out.


The Importance of Routine

In college a set routine isn’t a bad thing it can be the thing that keeps a student on course to achieve their goals and meet their expectations. A timetable can be an instrument used to set a routine giving allocated times to exercise, study, work and social outings. The problems with trying to create set routines in college are the constant changing of classes, the lack of time in the day, and the various assignments due at different dates. In my opinion a routine is a great thing to have to help keep students on track but routines can be broken which can create a back log of work causing stress.

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